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On a Freighter Even the Routine is Extraordinary
And the Destinations are Some of the Most Exotic in the World

[Seaworthy News 673, August 2015]

Along the Americas' Coasts

Monthly sailings, approx.: New York, Newark terminal (Day 1); Baltimore, MD (2); Savannah, GA (4); Freeport, Bahamas (6); Caucedo, Dominica (9); Santos, Brazil (21); Buenos Aires, Argentina (24); Montevideo, Uruguay (26); Rio Grande (28), Navegantes (30), Santos, 2nd call (33), Salvador (37) and Suape, Brazil (39); Freeport, 2nd call (49); Norfolk, VA (53) and New York (56).

The MSC Alessia
Passengers: 5
Containers: 6,750 teu
Deadweight: 85,800 tons
Length: 300 m
Speed: 25 knots/46 km
Built: 2001
Officers/Crew: Int’l
Owners: NSB, German
Operator: MSC, Swiss

Two double bed suites (bed size 2.05 x 1.80 m), located on the Captain's (F) deck and facing forward, each having a total area of 30 sqm, consisting of a bedroom, separate sitting room and private facilities with shower. - €90 per person double, €105 single occupancy per day.

A single cabin, located on the E deck and forward facing, consisting of a bedroom (bed size 2.05 x 1.25 m) with a sitting area and private facilities with shower, having a total area of approx. 18 sqm - €85 per day.

Mr. Robert W Bauer writes about his voyage on the MSC Ilona, sistership of the Alessia, from Freeport, Bahamas to Buenos Aires, Argentina. And in his guide book Travel Your Way sorts through online travel companies, service providers, agents, and tour operators for you so you can create a travel plan that meets your unique needs, interests, and budget. Packed with useful information, tips, and tricks, the book offers handy checklists, numerous online resources, and real-life examples, as the following excerpt exemlifies what can happen in choppy seas, especially on wet decks:

"... The next day was the first full day at sea on our two-day voyage to Caucedo. Unfortunately, Mr. Murphy showed up again. I was doing my first exploration of the ship looking for the entrance to the forecastle at the bow of the ship. As I was looking around, the ship did an unexpected pitch and/or roll, I lost my balance, my foot hit an object on the deck, and I went down chin first on a portable stairway. I nicked my chin and scraped both my knees in the process. I returned to my cabin to repair the damage. After a close examination, and using the Band-Aids Sandy had packed in my first-aid kit, the damage appeared to be minor and repairable.

When I went to dinner that evening, however, I noticed something loose in my mouth. It turned out to be a piece of one of my molars. I could feel the rough edge of the exposed filling. I mentioned the broken tooth to Norman, the Chief Officer, and he said that he could arrange a visit to a dentist in Caucedo, if needed. The afternoon of next day, we docked in Caucedo. My tooth wasn't bothering me so there was no apparent need to visit a dentist ..." -- To find out what happened next, Travel Your Way, by Robert W Bauer is available on Amazon.

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