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On a Freighter Even the Routine is Extraordinary
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Transatlantic From Northern Europe

US East Coast

Sailing every two-three weeks:
      Bremerhaven, Germany (Day 1); Felixstowe, England (2); Antwerp, Belgium (4); Le Havre, France (5); New York, NY (14), Boston, MA (16), Philadelphia, PA (19), Baltimore (21), Norfolk, VA (22) and New York, 2nd call (25), all in the USA, and back to Bremerhaven (35).

The MSC Navegantes

Passengers: 8
Deadweight: 63,520 tons
Containers: 4,545 teu
Length/Beam: 294/32 m
Speed: 24 knots /44 km
Built: 1997/8
Officers/Crew: German & Intíl
Owners: Laeisz, German
Charterers: MSC, Switzerland

Two twin-bedded suites located on D deck, #1 facing forward, and #2 side- and forward-facing.

Two suites located on E deck, twin-bedded #3, forward- and side-facing, and double bed #4, side- and aft-facing.

All consisting of a sitting room, with a mini refrigerator and TV/DVD entertainment center, bedroom and private facilities with shower.

Ä89 per person per day double,
Ä99 per day single occupancy.

Sailing every 4 weeks: New York, NY (Day 1), Norfolk, VA (2) and Charleston, SC, USA (4); Antwerp, Belgium (14); Bremerhaven, Germany (15); Rotterdam, Holland (18); Le Havre, France (19) and New York (28).

The Hanjin Phoenix

Passengers: 4
Deadweight: 58,423 tons
Containers: 4,389 teu
Length/Beam: 282/32 m
Speed: 24 knots /45 km
Built: 2001
Officers/Crew: Intíl
Owner: Laeisz, German
Charterer: Hanjin, Korea

Two double bed cabins, located on D deck, facing forward. Each consisting of a bedroom with sitting area and private facilities with shower. Both are equipped with a mini refrigerator and TV/DVD entertainment center.

Ä89 per person per day double,
Ä99 per day single occupancy.

US East and Gulf Coasts

Sailing every 7 weeks: Bremerhaven, Germany (Day 1); Le Havre, France (2); Charleston, SC (11); Freeport, Bahamas (13); Veracruz (16) and Altamira, Mexico (18); Houston, TX (21); New Orleans, LA (24); Mobile, AL (26); Freeport, 2nd call (29); Savannah, 2nd call (31); Charleston, 2nd call (33) Antwerp, Belgium (45); Rotterdam, holland (47); Felixstowe, England (48) and Bremerhaven (49).

The Buxcoast
(ex CMA CGM Voltaire)

Passengers: 5
Deadweight: 77,900 tons
Containers: 6,456 teu
Length: 300 m
Speed: 25 knots
Built: 2001
Officers/Crew: Intíl
Owners: NSB, German
Operator: MSC, Swiss

Two double bed suites (bed size 2.05 x 1.80 m), located on the Captain's (F) deck and facing forward, each having a total area of 30 sq. m. consisting of a bedroom, separate sitting room and private facilities with shower. - Ä90 per person double, Ä105 single occupancy per day.

A single cabin, located on the E deck and forward facing, consisting of a bedroom (bed size 2.05 x 1.25 m) with a sitting area and private facilities with shower, having a total area of approx. 18 sqm - Ä85 per day.

Double bed suite, sitting room
(photos above)

Single cabin
(photo on the left)

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