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On a Freighter Even the Routine is Extraordinary
And the Destinations are Some of the Most Exotic in the World

Initial Contact

Passenger service on freighters is suspended currently, except on the ARANUI and Bella Desgagnés - With the pandemic officially over, this may change next year. We'll advise you as soon as we receive any news..

Find your voyage and review ship's details, accommodations, prices and document requirements. Information on availabilty at specific periods or dates is not readily available. We highly recommend you to review Q&A Freighter Guide page to quickly find out answers to many questions, such as the following:

How much luggage is allowed?
Can I bring my car and other personal belongings with me?
Can I bring my pet with me?
Is there an age limit?
Are there elevators onboard?
Do freighters have telephone, e-mail and Internet connections?
Why is the fare quoted in foreign currency?
Do I have to pay extra if the voyage takes longer?
What are the visa, medical and insurance requirements?
What services are available in port?
How do I board the vessel?

And please complete the form below, indicating your preferred voyage and time period. We'll review your request with the steamship line/s and offer you the closest option/s available.

   Title and full name
   Age (upper/lower limits are 77/16)
   Email address
   Phone: Mobile (Home)
   Other passenger/s, name and age
   Preferred departure period

Name a voyage or ship from the Voyage List and cabin preference,
One way voyages are availaible only across the ocean to another continent. Indicate both ports.
For an uninterrupted roundtrip voyage, please indicate in which port you'd like to get onboard.

Any deadlines? Flexibility on accommodations? ... .etc.

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